unprofessional colleagues, anyone?

My day ended having to face a very unprofessional colleague. It just pissed me so much that there are some people who would do anything to be the center of attention, even if it takes hurting people around them. Why do some people do this???? It’s irritating. I almost punched the guy on the face. But, what will I get from that? Will it benefit me or my other colleagues? NO!!! definitely not!!! When we do drastic measures we end up not only hurting that person but our own self as well. We destroy a reputation and project bad vibes among co workers. So what is professionalism??? Professionalism is maintaining a positive attitude among people we work with, No personal issues, no negativity, no bad words, no tantrums, just keeping your cool and doing your job the best possible way and make sure that camaraderie, cooperation is intact.

Some people may do anything to please the boss, walk all over people, cheat, act as if they are the genius in the company. Never fret as long as we maintain our composure, respect the opinions of others and listen to criticism and keep an open mind. That’s how we survive in this jungle.

Next time you come across unprofessional people, don’t mind them. Remember you are more decent when you act more professional.


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