Why do people change?I ask this to myself whenever I see a person change into something not so nice. There are a lot of factors why people change. For some, it may be because of money, fame or a new job. For others it may be the aging process, immaturity, lifestyle, circumstances or simply they want to ruin your day. I get so peeved with people who act rude or becomes selfish whenever they start earning a lot of money, be famous or they get a promotion. I know a few people who are like that. They were all so humble before, sweet and caring people. But when success and money came into their lives they started acting superior and proud, looked at other people as if they are inferior. Yes, change is definitely good. I read in a book that we should always Anticipate change, be flexible, be open to change and adapt to change. However, I believe that whenever we want to change something in our lives we need to consider how it will also affect people around us. Is it for the better or for the worst? We need not be boastful whenever we achieve something. We always have to learn to plant our feet firmly on the ground. Give thanks for whatever blessing we have received and if it is possible Learn to SHARE. Some forget to share or even acknowledge people who have always stood by them. Change is supposed to bring something positive not negative. Would you want people to hate you or look at you in bad way? Of course not. Never ever forget where we all came from, work hard for something we aim to achieve and always remain humble so we will be at peace with ourselves and to other people.

CHANGE is good as long as we don’t hurt anyone and we don’t step on others.


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