I would like to apologize to you my readers for not being able to write for 2 days. I slept, slept and just slept. I felt so tired and exhausted. After watching a movie with my co workers and friends and a huge fight with my eldest daughter I felt I was ready to just sleep for a hundred years or so. Things at the office is a bit crazy now. It’s like a waiting game. Everybody seems worried and restless…

When you are restless it is hard to focus on things. It’s hard to think straight. You do not have any control of the situation. All you have to do is wait, work and be patient.

People do their best to achieve what is expected of them but at the back of their minds there is fear and uncertainty. It is quite hard to concentrate on whatever you need to do especially when you worry what will happen in the future. Yes, plans and decisions are being made. These plans should be suited for each and every individual. A little personal talk here and there will help a lot of people to express how to they feel about the situation. It is never easy for some whenever a big change is about to happen.

We grow weary and restless whenever we do not know what lies ahead. a fear of the unknown. It’s like a guessing game, a dark end, a magic hat full of tricks or a bright and fruitful future ahead. Whatever makes us restless, we have to remain positive, hopeful and brave. We have to do our best. Remove all negativity. For whatever it is out there, no one knows.


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