will you be my DATE??? or not!

In a very conservative country such as the Philippines it is not normal for a woman to ask a man for a date. It is taboo, it is unacceptable. But really, is it really that bad to be straightforward in asking a man for a date?

I asked some of my male co workers and closest guy friends on how they would feel if a single woman, with average looks has a stable job would ask them to go out on a date. One co-worker said “YES!” Why not? Especially if I am single with no present romantic involvement with anyone, it’s perfectly fine. My guy friend said I don’t see anything wrong with that. The intention is good to go out and have a great time. However, one male friend said it would be awkward especially if he doesn’t like the girl. It would look rude if he turns down the offer. Most men I have spoken with said it’s a welcome change when women are the ones asking for a date. There is no harm as long as the intention is pure and sincere.

Asking a man for a date for me would show a woman in control of her life, it shows power and independence. It’s not a sign of desperation. Why would it be bad to let the man know you like him? Why can guys ask women out on a date and not the other way around? In some countries, it is acceptable. A woman may give her number and go straight to a guy and say Hi! Would you like to go out with me or can I get your number? I think it’s cool and liberating unlike waiting for someone to ask you out.

For me, it’s fine. As long as we do not forget we are still respectable ladies even if we were the ones who invited a guy for a date. Be ourselves, be comfortable in our own skin, no pretensions. And most important of all do not forget that your aim is to get to know the guy better and to let him know that you are a lady inside and out. Nothing wrong in being bold and brave as long as you know who you are and you’re in control of your actions.



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