my typical day

As a single working mom my days and nights are simply crazy… My day starts at 4:00 AM when the alarm on my phone rings. This means I have to wake up my 12-year-old son and prepare him for school. I prepare his hot chocolate a sandwich or whatever food he likes for breakfast. After eating he will start taking a shower, fix his hair with claydoh and a dash of his favorite men’s cologne. I prepare his school uniform and when he is all set, we sit outside the house to wait for his school bus. I make sure he has his mobile phone, lunch money and his iPod (to keep company in the bus) After a goodbye kiss he goes to school at around 5:30 AM. I go inside the house and my 2 daughters are still asleep as well as my brother and mom. I go to my room watch my favorite series Sex and the City on dvd, if I feel a little sleepy then I will grab a quick nap and wake up again around 7 or 7:30 AM. I exercise about 10 to 15 minutes and around this time my 2 daughters will be up and will be very busy inside the bathroom. I drink a cup of coffee then take a shower while my 2 college girls starts preparing for school. Oftentimes they would join me in my tricycle ride to the office (saves them transportation fare, hahahahaha!). We leave my mom and my brother at home. My brother will go out around 12:00 noon as soon as one of my kids arrive so mom will not be alone at home. I always pray on my way to work. I give thanks and I pray for the safety and good health of my children, my whole family, friends, enemies, co workers. I ask for God’s blessings and mercy and focus for the day ahead. I offer and surrender my day to God.

My day starts at the office at 9:00 AM with another cup of coffee and light breakfast (pancakes or cookies). I work, process applications, talk to my colleagues, talk to my boss, have lunch there, work, work, work until 6:00 PM or if there is overtime until 6:30 PM or 7:00 PM. If a friend invites me for dinner or a little chat then I stay till 9:00 PM but normally I’ll be home by 7:00 PM to start preparing dinner (a quick one). After dinner, I shower and check my son’s homework, I help my kids do their school projects and then lay in bed watching a DVD movie with the kids or I start blogging or check my emails, text my friends and relatives. I have long conversations with each one of them if there are issues that needs to be sorted out. I talk to them, check on their progress in school, ask them if they have problems. I usually sleep around 11:00 PM or until I feel really sleepy. When I can’t sleep I would listen to some dance or slow music, depends on the mood.

My weekends are for family most especially for the kids, either we go grocery shopping or just go to the malls and have pizza or burgers. Sundays, I make sure I go to church, Praise and give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings and love.

It seems like a boring life to some but it’s really hectic for me. I get tired. Yes! everyday but it’s all worth it when I see my family and my kids happy and content. You don’t feel the pressures of life when you feel loved, appreciated and needed.

A typical day for a mom like me is truly rewarding especially when you love and care for the people around you. It’s a lot of hard work and I salute all working moms out there.

Great job SUPER MOMS!!!!


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