We have friends, we have enemies and believe it or not for some we have frenemies. A frenemy is both a friend and rival. This may also be defined as an enemy disguised as a friend. This is very common in the workplace and in school. We all know that we always aim to be the best and we want to excel among our peers but there are certain occasions that we have friends who would also aim for the same things that sometimes a competition comes out of it. We do not want to hurt or step on anyone but sometimes we can’t prevent this from happening. It does not mean that you want to totally destroy or put someone down but we also think about what we are supposed to accomplish in life. Frenemies are sometimes one of our closest friends. They may do things to break our spirit and self-confidence. We may fight back and we may remain quiet. We do not need frenemies, but the truth is they are there to make you aware that not everybody is as honest and peace-loving as you may think. They keep us on our toes.

Maturity is the best approach in dealing with frenemies. Learn to play the game, but never play dirty. Keep it real, know your limitations and most of all make a name for yourself. A name you can be proud of, a character that is built with integrity and respect. We have to play fair and not pull each other down. We have to own our mistakes and be responsible enough to change things.

Frenemies will just be around, listening, waiting and planning. We can’t prevent them from spreading bad things about us but we can show them that we are far different from them. We are stable and refined. Nobody can take that away from us.

Let us just all keep it real.


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