i assume you like me or not….

We sometimes send the wrong signals to other people. Signals such as a nice pat on the back, a simple “good morning, take care on your way home, You look good today” so on and so forth. We mistake this gestures as an act to show that the other person might be interested in us. We feel these emotions or feelings especially when we like the person or have feelings for that person. “Assuming” People assume. Unknowingly we assume that a simple handshake or smile may mean something deeper but in fact it was just a plain hello or how are you.

I have a story of a girl who had a crush on one of her male co-worker. The guy is notorious to be an asshole. However the girl noticed that whenever she is around the guy would show a different side of him. Some people noticed this as well. The guy would say Good bye at the end of the day. Sometimes he would come to her table and just stare and make jokes. The girl noticed that some small favors are being given to her as well. But there are days when the guy would be distant or simply not interested to mingle. The girl thinks the guy knows she has feelings for her that’s why sometimes he would act different towards her.

To assume, is not good at all. We may get disappointed or even get hurt. To make false assumptions just make things worst. An act of kindness may not always mean you like the person. This may just show that some people are very polite and considerate.

Why assume?? Just get straight to the point. Talk about your feelings, get to know the person. You may never get answers to questions running through your mind. You may just be making a fool of yourself. Just say it, don’t ever assume.


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