Is there a Mr and Ms Right?????

For most of us we have our dream of finding the perfect partner. We make standards, create the picture of the ideal person we want to be with in our minds. The handsome guy with the perfect smile who has a great sense of humor, the very witty and intelligent woman with really long black hair or the simple wealthy person. We always plan who we want to marry or who we want to date but in reality is there really a perfect Mr or Ms Right?

I have met a lot of men, dated a few (ahem) and every time I’m in a relationship I would always have the impression that he may be the one or I want him to be the one. It’s quite common for some to have that same kind of thinking. After every bad breakup or even an amicable one I would say, NOPE! he was not the one.

I married a man 7 years older than I am. I thought at that time he was the one. In my mind he was the perfect guy for me.There was no stopping me marrying my (ex) husband. After a few good years later, things did not work out. Turns out he was not Mr Right at all. He had eyes for younger women and I was getting older and wiser. Not that I’m saying I am perfect or I was her Ms Right. I would say I did have flaws as a wife too. But I could definitely say and look anyone straight in the eye that I did my very best to save the marriage. I gave up my job just to be a stay at home mom and be a housewife.

Anyways, there is no perfect Mr or Ms Right in this world. As we journey through life we just make ourselves better through the years. We learn from our mistakes and apply what we have learned in our personal lives. All of us work hard to be the best partner. We live day by day striving to become the best mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter and so on because we want to make the people around us happy and content.

God created us in His own perfect image but as we live through life we gain imperfections and shortcomings, then again what is important is we focus on being a better and successful person, a loving, caring and likable person.

Not Mr or Ms Right but JUST RIGHT.


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