It’s by nature that all of us fart. Let me just define FART. Fart is a combination of gasses such as nitrogen, oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. It travels from the stomach to the anus. When we swallow too much air or we have indigestion gas becomes trapped inside our stomach and one way it is released is through farting. There are smelly farts. This is because of the food that we eat such as beans, cabbage, cheese, soda, and eggs. The gas that makes our farts stink is the hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas contains sulfur which causes farts to have a smelly odor.

It is human nature to fart but why is it so embarrassing for most of us when it happens. Sometimes a fart can be quiet and sometimes creates a funny weird sound and accompanied by a foul smell. Like my mom. Since she is old already there are instances that she can’t control her farting. Many old people have uncontrollable farting and for me this should not be embarrassing at all. Whenever someone farts everybody starts to laugh or make a big deal even becomes a big turn off for people dating.

It happened to me once when I was still in school. I accidentally farted in front of my classmates and everybody was like “who was that?” “eeeewww, GROSS!!” I just kept quiet due to sheer embarrassment. Though it was not smelly, I did not have the nerve to admit it that I was the one who farted.

Now really? what’s the big deal with Farting??? I think we should be just cool about it. It happens. It’s natural. I think it’s really mean to tag a person as disgusting whenever he or she farts in public. Yes, it may sometimes stink but all of us has to release it and hiding it will just make a person sick and suffer gas pains.

On the average, a healthy person farts 16 times a day. Everyone farts. In fact, females fart just as much as males.
Animals fart too. Cats, dogs, and cows. Elephants fart the most. People fart during sleep. Sometimes a fart may contain large amounts of methane and hydrogen gas that may become flammable. It’s not healthy to stop or control a fart.

So, I believe that we have to FART and really FART….


4 thoughts on “to FART or NOT TO FART???

  1. I enjoyed this haha! You’re so right! I quite like the fact that people don’t do it willy nilly all over the place though.

    My teenage daughter has just started a mixed school having been at a girls’ school – she is shocked at just how often boys will fart – and be quite proud of it!

    But I actually couldn’t sleep for the first six months my boyfriend stayed over, in case I let rip in the night and put him off!!

    Thanks for brightening up my Monday morning.

    • Glad you liked my post…. yes, we are very conscious when we are about to fart in public or in front of our loved ones. I sometimes have to run somewhere no one will hear or smell my fart. hahahahaha!!!.. Thanks again, take care!

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