everyday is a perfect COFFEE day…

I usually start my day with a cup of hot brewed coffee from McDonald’s or a cup of our local instant coffee or if it’s payday a nice Grande size coffee from my favorite coffee shop “Starbucks.”

Without my coffee I can’t seem to focus on work. I am awake but my mind is asleep. It’s like something is missing. This is the story of my coffee addiction. I grew up in a house wherein milk or hot chocolate is served for breakfast. I can’t remember when I started drinking coffee but believe me when I say I LOVE COFFEE!!!! I am the only coffee drinker in our house but at present thanks to me, my 2 daughters are starting to like coffee with a hint of chocolate in the morning. I have tried every coffee shop I know around my area. Even the little coffee shops to the well-known ones. Whatever blend they have I seem to love it.

My friends would say it is my addiction. If my budget permits I would drink my favorite blend everyday at my favorite Starbucks’s branch. I can’t seem to focus on things if I haven’t had a cup of coffee. I can’t think straight. Even if it’s the local brand that would jump-start my day and everything will be in order. I don’t know if it’s a state of mind or maybe because coffee contains caffeine, a substance also found in tea, soft drinks, kola nuts and chocolates that helps stimulate the nervous system. This makes a person more alert and gives us energy. Sometimes too much coffee is not healthy. This causes heart palpitations, unable to sleep well and may trigger migraine headaches.
My doctor said to limit myself to 1 to 2 cups daily because I usually suffer from migraine attacks. So I try to limit myself. I try!!!

I like my coffee sweet. Not the strong black bitter coffee. I like it with cream and lots of brown sugar. I also like it with a dash of cinnamon or chocolate. If it’s cold coffee then I can settle for Iced Caramel Macchiato, Coffee Jelly or a Caramel Frappucino. Coffee makes me happy. It makes me smile, it brightens my day. It inspires me to write more blogs. Coffee is like my boyfriend. Whenever I have it, everything seems to be perfect. I confess I am a coffee addict. I know a lot can relate to my experience with coffee. What can I do? I’m in love with the sweet aromatic scent and taste of it.

Coffee is perfect. And everyday is a COFFEE perfect day for me.


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