each child is unique

I have 3 wonderful kids and each one of them has special and weak traits. Even if a child comes from the same mother or the same set of parents still each child is uniquely different.

I treat each child differently in the sense that I know how to approach them individually. My eldest daughter Camille is the serious, girly type while my other daughter Coleen is the more happy-go-lucky and boyish type. Of course my only son Paul is the quiet, observant and reserved type. I can talk more with Camille about serious, heavy stuff like love, sex and heartbreak also about make up, shoes and accessories while with Coleen I can talk about the funny stuff, embarrassing moments and secrets. Paul is my frequent companion. He stays quiet and would speak his mind if needed. Although each of them show their separate individuality, the 3 of them get along just fine. They stand united in times of crisis. They talk about anything under the sun. share advice’s, they help, love and adore each other.

It is not always a smooth relationship though. There is also sibling rivalry but this happens rarely in our house. I taught them not to be jealous or envious but instead to support each other. If any of them succeed first then the others should be happy and supportive because with this type of attitude all of them will succeed because they know how to help and be supportive. There are times that they disagree on certain things but at the end of the day they learn to compromise and talk things among themselves.

Camille is like my partner in rearing her other 2 siblings. I tell her when I am just tired from all the stress of work and I need a break. This shows her the amount of responsibility I have as a parent and it also teaches her to take charge of any given situation because she is the oldest child and chances are the younger siblings will be dependent on her when I am not around. With Coleen, I talk more about our daily trials, our problems, my thoughts about life and love because as she is more of the happy-go-lucky type of person I am teaching her to be more responsible and sensitive to the people around her. I am training her to not only think of herself but of others as well. With Paul, it’s different. Although he grew up to be a very good boy. He never gave me headaches. Usually boys are more rowdy and difficult to handle most especially if a father is not around to help rear the child. I make it a point to teach him to be courteous and polite to girls. To be sensitive of the feelings of women and to protect his 2 sisters no matter what. It’s always a fun time with Paul. We both love to watch movies, stroll in the malls and to look for good food to eat.

Children are unique in their own special way but what is important for every parent to know is to treat them fairly and respect their individuality. Acceptance is very important too. We as parents are here to mold and guide them the right way but we have to accept and respect them for who and what they are. For me, children are supposed to be allowed to experience things on their own, to spread their wings. This helps build their character, make them more stronger. They may go astray sometimes but we have to be there whenever they fail and make mistakes.

Even if each child is unique, Genuine and Sincere love for them will make them feel secured, trust others and themselves more.


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