Women & Shoes & shoes and more shoes…

Why do women love SHOES?

I love shoes!!! Oh no, in fact I adore shoes. It’s one of my addiction. I am not brand conscious, as long as it’s stylish, functional, trendy and cheap!!! I will buy those shoes. I really don’t like to buy high-priced shoes. Not only that I can’t afford it but why do I need high-priced shoes when I can have great shoes for just an affordable price. But I will be more than happy to own labeled shoes if it’s a gift or I buy it at least half the price.

Almost all women love to wear different kinds of shoes. It’s really not an issues whether you are just wearing jeans and a white shirt as long as you have gorgeous shoes, you’re a smashing diva on the red carpet. Shoes are like accessories for women. It heightens the way we look. It shows character, boost self-confidence and project style and sex appeal. I’m no Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City or Former First Lady Imelda Marcos but I keep a few pairs for everyday use at work. I love my shoes even if they are just cheap. My shoes are my pals.

When we buy shoes we must take into consideration our comfort, our feet should not feel stressed or it’s being murdered. Value for money, the price of the shoes should be within our budget. What would we do with a pair of Manolo’s or Jimmy Choos if we don’t have any money left for groceries or payment for our credit card bills? I mean if we really can’t afford it then we don’t buy it at all but if we have the means then we can splurge. Aside from comfort and value for money we also have to look at the craftsmanship and the longevity of the shoes. It may be stylish and trendy but if you feel it will just last for a few days then forget it.

Shoes are partners of women on a daily basis. We wear them everyday, they carry our weight, feel the tension of our tired feet. We must know how to take good care of our shoes. Never wear a pair on consecutive days (specially high-heeled shoes) allow a day of rest so the shoes will not be easily worn down. Have at least 3 to 4 pairs of shoes so you can alternate them in your day-to-day activities. Choose a shoe that will not hurt your toes or put stress on your lower leg. Allow the shoes to breath, and not hide them in boxes as soon as you take them off.

Take good care of your shoes and you will find comfort and happiness wearing them.


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