never forgotten….

Today we are remembering our dearly departed loved ones. We have a misconception that November 1 is All Soul’s day but in fact it is All Saint’s Day and November 2 is All Soul’s Day but nevertheless, it is a time and day of remembering our loved ones who once made our lives happy and unforgettable.

I miss my Dad… Every single day since he passed. I would say I have not totally moved on nor recovered. I know that he is now at peace. I should never worry or be sad. I just miss his presence. I miss and love you Dad!

I remember Lolo Vicente. Even if he was not my biological grand father. I was his favorite grand-daughter. He looked after me when Mom and Dad were at work and my brother was in school. He spoiled me. He was blind but it was not a hindrance for him to take care of me when I was a little girl. While I am doing this I can’t help but feel lonely. I miss Lolo Vicente. I am also remembering my 2 favorite Aunts. Auntie Cely and Auntie Mercy. They are women that I truly respect and love so much. They have shown the true meaning of being selfless, giving and helping others. I love them dearly. I also remember today my in-laws. Mama Beth and Papa Cesar. They have been so kind and understanding. They accepted me in their lives. Welcomed me and supported me and my (ex) husband during trying moments especially during the passing of my 2 little boys. I want to thank them. I am truly blessed that they have been a big part of my

Of all the dearly departed that I remember today is my 2 little boys. Zean Andre and Luke Martin. Although they have been a part of my life for just a short period of time, they have brought so much joy, love and inspiration. I have become a stronger person, a better mom and a God-fearing woman. It saddens me whenever I remember my beautiful angels. Sometimes I wish they were still here with me and their other siblings. My life would have been different with 5 kids.

Today is a day of remembering our loved ones who once enjoyed life and made a big significance in this world but for me they should never be forgotten. They may not be here with us anymore, but the memories, the laughter, the tears and the love we have shared with them will forever be in our hearts. Soon, it would be our time but we never want to be forgotten by the ones we will be leaving behind. We don’t want to be just memories, we want to leave lasting impressions of love and inspiration….


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