Man + (Woman) + Alcohol = TROUBLE

Some men I don’t understand during parties. They treat you nice, they show you great stuff, treat you like a princess and even make you feel that he likes you. But wait!!!! Before we jump to the conclusion that this perfect shiny guy is into you, look again…. He is just drunk! Ha ha ha! Gotcha! The problem with some men is that when alcohol takes over them they don’t know what the hell they are saying or doing. There are women who are like these as well. Sending wrong signals to the opposite sex is trouble. There are people who are vulnerable to these actions and feelings. Sometimes when a person is lonely they tend to feel overwhelmed by the show of affection given by a not so sober person in front of them. We get carried away by these strong actions that we sometimes think it is for real when it is not really the case. Alcohol does not help in any way start a beautiful romantic relationship. It may just start a physical attraction and connection but will never progressed to a real relationship once the alcohol subsides. Alcohol clouds our minds, it makes us aggressive and more open to dangers of the heart.

I myself drink. I get drunk, really drunk. But I make sure I don’t lose myself to the moment. I become weak, vulnerable, in the sense that I am lost with the show of affection of a man but I never let myself fall too much. Just enjoying the moment and when the next day comes, I’ll soon find out if there was really a connection and not just a spur/lust of the moment experience. If there is, then good. If there’s none, then much better because I was right. I never allowed myself to fall to that scary, seductive moment.

Lesson is that keep an open mind, don’t fall for silly acts of sweetness and kindness during a drinking binge. Just enjoy yourself, drink lots of iced water and take Tylenol after. Make sure you are in the right company. Know your boundaries and limitations. Never allow yourself to get lost in the moment. The music is intoxicating, the alcohol is stimulating the inner self, but we still have the control over our mind and body.

So just chill, have good clean fun. MAN+WOMAN+ALCOHOL= FUN and not TROUBLE


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