Innocent Flirtation…

The fun in innocent flirtation. Sometimes we flirt unconsciously with the opposite sex. I am guilty of this innocent act too. Innocent???? why do we say it’s just innocent flirting? Because it may just be a game? Or maybe just a prank. And sometimes it may just be wanting to catch the attention of the person you wish to attract and not wanting to progress to a whole new level of relationship. Whatever it is, innocent or not, it’s still flirtation. Once you flirt with someone, you are grabbing the attention of that particular person. Sending out wrong signals and emotions. It’s not acceptable for some to flirt with someone who is already committed but if the flirtation is reciprocated by the other person it’s not bad as it looks. Flirtation may send out wrong signals especially to those who are gullible and vulnerable to feelings of wanting to attract people, of wanting to be in a relationship. It may look aggressive, straightforward and cocky. For me, it’s not really wrong to flirt as long as the person is not making fun of the other, not wanting to hurt or step on other shoes. Flirting is sexy and fun. It boosts your self-confidence, self-esteem and it makes you feel good. If you flirt make sure you can carry the flirtation all throughout. It may just be for fun or may lead to a one night stand or even a new relationship. But once a person reciprocates the act and you leave the other person hanging, that would just be a big joke on oneself and quite unfair for the other.

I had an experience recently with someone who flirted with me. I never wanted to make a big deal out of it. However, I admit I did like the flirtation and it felt good inside. I felt sexy and confident. I like the guy and it seems he likes me too. I think we both enjoyed the innocent flirting but after that incident, nothing followed. So there, a great example of an innocent one. Just wanting to grab the attention of another person we are attracted to and nothing more.

But I also asked myself? Was I holding back? Was he holding back? Or we both knew we won’t be able to handle the situation after we give in to the flirting? I know for a fact I was holding back. It’s scary because you’ll never know where it will lead you. There are people who will get hurt or will not like it. But at the back of my mind, I wish we never held back. Ha ha ha!

Don’t flirt if you can’t handle the outcome. Innocent or not the repercussions may be far too great but If one can handle it, then go ahead by all means FLIRT. Just be ready for whatever lies ahead.


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