The Start of a Happy Ending

Playing cupid was maybe one of my mission in life. I played the role of a cupid to a very special couple close to my heart. He was my boss and I was his Senior Rep. I have a sweet young friend who just came out of a very bad break up. Very bad that we wanted to cheer her up in every way we can. It started with an innocent crush. My boss Mikki would always tell me and my other colleagues that he has a certain admiration for my friend Andy. He finds her really cute. Oh yes, those were the exact words he said. I was the innocent friend who then told my lovely friend Andy that he finds her really cute. Andy then replied, He is cute himself too. And once again I told my boss Mikki that Andy saw him the same way. Mikki confided that when he was new in the company he saw this beautiful petite girl who caught his attention. And that was Andy short for Andria. He kept that secret crush for quite some time until the right time when I became his Rep and was able to bridge the budding admiration between them. This was the start of a love so pure and true that I myself can say was Heaven sent.

happy endings

Six years have passed. Blessed with a very adorable little boy named Kyle (my godson). A lot has happened in between those years. I was a witness to the trials, tears, fights and joys. It was truly a learning experience for both of them. To prepare them for a lifetime of forever. Who says that relationships are easy. As Mikki puts it, it takes planning and preparation. Last Saturday, the birthday of Mikki. He planned a marriage proposal to Andy. It was really funny because all the time Andy thought she was the one planning the birthday party surprise for Mikki along with Mikki’s parents. She did not know that we knew (close friends). We played along and acted as if we did not know what will happen during the so-called surprise Birthday party of Mikki.


I was the first visitor to arrive. WOW! was the only thing I could say. The place was beautiful. I knew this was going to be a special night. Prior to the event. Mikki texted me and said he truly hope that Me and the rest of the gang will be able to attend. I promised him I will surely be there. I have to be there. These are two people closest to my heart. I wanted to believe that it was me who paved the way for them to be together. I also believed that it was the Hand of God who worked into their lives and weaved a beautiful future together.


It was such a beautiful night, You could feel the love and almost taste it. Truly a memorable moment witnessed by only the closest friends and family. A very intimate moment that will forever be etched in our minds. We were all in tears when Mikki knelt down and asked Andy. She was in tears and was really surprised. Her heart was overwhelmed with love and happiness. He shed tears too. Michael and Andria are two beautiful people who deserves a happy and beautiful ending. There love story is still a work in progress, more things to learn from each other, more time to bond, more time to prepare. But what is important right now is that they have found each other with so much love to share and will be spending the rest of their lives together. I am the eternal hopeless romantic. After that night, I went home and became a stronger believer of happy endings and true love. Yes! there can be happy endings for each one of us. It just takes a lot of patience and hard work. Love is truly a mystery that only two people in love can understand and experience.


This is just the Start of Michael and Andria’s Happy Ending…..


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