A Hopeful 2013

I have not post a new blog for quite some time as I was preoccupied with so many things. I was harassed by an incident that left me penniless for the New year’s. Gladly, there were a few people who extended their help. This is one of the many things I am thankful for. 2012 was not kind enough to spare me the ordeal of facing tough moments and situations in life. However, it made me a better and stronger person. I cared more for people who give me unconditional love and patience. This year I also realized that I was never a part of a family whom I thought I belonged to. Through the years I always thought I was one of them but with one group message that changed everything. I may have turned my back on them now but they never realized that I got so hurt and disappointed. Now, I am a totally different person. If you don’t want me, I don’t want you either. I have kids who loves me so much. I have a mom even if at times we don’t agree on certain things but never turned her back on me. I have a brother who seldom speaks of the bad things I do but continuously loving, protecting and caring for me. Blood is thicker than water as they say. But, I stopped believing on this. Someday, they will realize. I was always not there. YES!!! it was not always my choice at all. Instead of reaching out, welcoming me into their lives, accepting me without question. I find myself in the sea of criticism, anger and disappointment. I was never perfect. but I always loved them and kept them in my heart.


2013 brings new hope. A fresh start. I want to say goodbye to 2012 not with a heavy heart but with lessons learned and a hopeful heart and mind. It was not that bad though. I lost, I gained, I found, but most of all I saw…
I know 2013 would be full of surprises. There would be challenges, tough roads ahead but I am positive that this year is a far better year for me and my family. God is truly good to me. After a long stressful year of 2012. He finally gave me one more reason to smile and be more happier.


I want to thank the people who have inspired me to move forward. I thank my children for being so supportive in all my endeavors, My Mom for trusting me more. My Brother Ed for never giving up on me. My cousins who shared my grief, my thoughts, my happy moments. My Uncles, Aunts who is always there for me. My friends/best friends/ close friends who never fails to understand and give support. My colleagues, my bosses, the company where I work for. I thank Mama and Papa for bringing me into this world. Thank you to both of you. Thank you Paqs, for brightening the latter part of my 2012. I hope and pray that it would be a brighter 2013 for us. We both know that this may be it for us. Thank you for putting a smile in my lips, for making me happy everyday. I promise to do the same. Finally, I thank God. For everything that I have. for everything that I have learned. Thank you God!


HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FAITHFUL READERS!!!! I promise to blog more this year. Wishing everybody a fruitful, Prosperous, Blessed and Loving 2013!!!!


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