Leaders are Learners

This is a post related to my other one Why People Quit People. I would like to focus on leadership skills these past few weeks and share what I have I learned from my readings and my experiences from my previous leaders.

The title of this post is Leaders are Learners which for me is very very important. Leaders, should always have a thirst for knowledge. A leader should constantly sharpen the mind and the soul. It does not stop when he/she gets promoted to the position. Learning is not only gained from reading books, attending training’s and seminars. It is also helpful to have a wise and spirited mentor. We learn from our own experiences in life. We listen what others can say and contribute. Leaders are not afraid to be overshadowed by others. Leaders are supposed to be good listeners, they know how to listen, understand and acknowledge others. Nobody succeeds alone from the book “What Makes a Leader” Yes, a team will never reach their goals if it is not a collective team effort from its team members and the Leader. A leader will never succeed if he/she has closed their ears to opinions and suggestions of others. A good leader see potential in others and will never be afraid to hone the skills of others and become a mentor. He/she will never be afraid to share the best practices learned from experience.


Leadership is a learning process. Nobody was born to be a perfect leader. What is important is to keep an open mind, to always have a drive to do better, to listen to what others have to say. Leadership is not being the boss of your company. It is leading people to achieve their full potential. To motivate people to success. It is inspiring people to do good and produce results. It is not embarrassing people pushing them to do what is not right. Leaders are not supposed to cheat to be on top, because with this practice you teach your subordinates to do the wrong things and produces bad leaders. Leaders do the right things!


Leaders are Learners, they know when to listen, they know they need to learn more. They know they need to develop themselves to be able to become effective and successful leaders.
If you are a Leader and you are reading this blog. STOP! and learn. Ask yourself, What you are doing wrong? Do you have enough knowledge and skills to handle a team? Do you need to learn more? Accept it, do not be afraid to accept the fact that you are a learning individual. You are not perfect. Therefore, there is a big room for change and development. Listen and learn my dear leaders….

“If you stop learning today, You stop leading tomorrow” Howard Hendricks


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