Do we need a Knight in Shining Armour?

I have been a single mom for almost 10 years now. Many would ask how I cope, how I have survived the many challenges of single parenting. Some would say it would be easier if I find a partner who would help me go through life. Someone I can be with when the children are all grown up. Someone, I can depend on when times get difficult, Someone, who would help me financially, someone who would help me raise my kids. I have always given thought about these things however, when I really give a deep though about it, It’s like I need rescue from a Man, I need a Knight in Shining Armour. I said to myself, yeah! times are tough when you are alone but if you have this kind of thinking of wanting to have someone to help you out with all the dramas in life. It’s kinda wrong to want someone in your life to be just a life saver. Do I need rescue? Do I need help? Do I need a man who would pull me out of my misery? Am I a Damsel in distress? Maybe, maybe not.

Knight 2

You go into a relationship to be happy. To stay in love. To have someone to share a future. To share your thoughts, your dreams and your passion in life. Having a partner not necessarily mean that he/she will shoulder your burdens, Of course, once you become a couple, it’s automatic that you help out each other in everything. My point is we don’t look for a Man or a Knight or even a prince to save us from the maddening world of life. Women don’t need saving. We can definitely help ourselves. We have ways and means to solve our own problems. Men and relationships is a bonus in life specifically for Women like me who is a single parent.


To be gifted by a loving and generous man is really a blessing. If he comes, then great! If he doesn’t, then it’s perfectly fine. Sometimes, I think about fairy tale princesses like Sleeping Beauty, what if her Prince Charming did not come and kiss her? What if Cinderella’s Prince did not find her and the shoe fit someone else? What if Snow White’s Prince never found her? I guess things would have been different. It would not have been a fairy tale after all. But do Women really need rescuing? What if we can be our own Knight in Shining Armour? I have been blessed with patience, a strong personality and a courage of a warrior. I believe I am in my own right a Knight in Shining Armour. I am my kid’s hero. I am their inspiration, I am their strength. So I am a Knight in Shining Armour, in the eyes of my kids I am and will always be their Knight.


I am not saying we don’t need Men. Relationships makes our lives happier. It inspires us to be more beautiful inside and out. It spices up our lives and adds a smile in us. As I’ve said, finding a really nice man would be a bonus. Not finding him is not a loss.

So do we really need a Knight in Shining Armour? Nah! Just a simple guy who will give us all the love and understanding and a little extra from his savings. Ha ha ha! Just kidding….


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