Self worth, Self Love, Self Respect

It’s been a long time since I published my last Blog. So many things that kept me preoccupied. Family, work, business and relationships. It’s true that when you are so busy attending to so many things all at the same time, you forget to take care of yourself, do the things you always wanted to do or even the things that you are so passionate about. Blogging is my outlet for my stress, my piled up emotions and my way of connecting to people with the same sentiments that I have.

Well, here goes….

For 3 years and a half my life revolved with a man I thought I would end up growing old with. I focused on our long distance relationship, our small business, our children and each other. My world revolved around that small circle I created for us. I forgot about the things that I used to do, like blogging, going to the expensive nail salon, having massages, baking and hosting events. My life was for skyping, fb messengers, long distance calls, satellite calls, etc… When he is home we would be together for a maximum of 3 months. Then he goes back to the sea for work. I was able to adjust to that kind of life, I embraced it. I got used to it. It was not a relationship straight out of a Fairy tale book but I was happy and content. My mistake was I trusted too much and I was too complacent. Until the day, we parted ways. The relationship ended without a goodbye. Just like that for 3 years a half, it was all over. No explanations, no goodbyes, no nothing…
I was left devastated, lost and alone. I cried myself every single day not knowing what I should do or where I should start picking up the pieces. I was a broken person. I lost myself.

I knew deep down inside nobody in the universe can help me, but myself. I started reading quotes, books, talking to friends, relatives and even strangers to cope up with the pain and just to get it out of my system. I was my own therapist. It’s funny how we can get lost in the moment. We forget who we were before a relationship started. We give in too much of us to that person that we tend to forget our very own being.

Self worth, is giving importance to oneself before the other. I matter to ME… Not only to people who genuinely cares for me but to ME, primarily. I am important! I value myself.

Self Love, Learning to love myself more than any other person. I learned this the hard way. For me to be able to love others, I have to learn to love myself and to learn I am worthy of Love, undying, romantic kind of love. I don’t deserve less because I know my worth.

Self Respect, they say respect begets respect. I lost all respect for myself when I accepted all the lies and betrayal in my relationship. I forgave so many times, I have given so many chances. I forgot I don’t deserve all that crap. For me to accept those things is for me giving this person a chance to disrespect me. How can I gain and give respect if i don’t even respect myself.

I started rebuilding my life. I got sick and realized so many things. Because I was hungry for love and attention I gave away too much of myself. I trusted, I cared and I loved. In the process of trying to fixed what’s broken it shattered me completely. And I have to re learn everything.

Too much, too soon… But hey, Life goes on. I have to take better care of myself from now on. If not, who else will do this for me but myself. Love thyself more, Know your true value and worth, Respect thyself. These are the lessons I also want to impart to my kids and other people trying to cope with loss and pain.

It’s never too late to start all over again…