Dry Spell

Dry spell, Drought, Dry season… A sexless life?!?!? Well, this is a phase most of us go through. I have been very active in the dating scene for quite some time but I am at the time of my life wherein I am more focused on a lot of other things. For starters, I just became a Grandma 7 months ago. I am enjoying it to the fullest. Sometimes that I am so busy taking care of my grandson I don’t have time to think about other stuff, well dating for one. I’ve never given much thought about celibacy in the past few years but it’s quite liberating not thinking about any sexual thoughts. No pressure of looking great or performing well in bed. Some might even say that, Yeah! you don’t have a partner that’s why you’re blogging about this stuff. But does it really matter in life? Is it a big deal? Hell, no! Who would’ve thought I will reach this point in my life.

Nowadays, Sex can be so easy to get. Let’s face it. More and more people are open to one night stands, they are more adventurous and would go for a less complicated attachment. I never thought I would reach a point in my life when sex is no longer a desire or a need on my end. I would be a hypocrite to say that I don’t like sex anymore but it’s a good state of mind not being able to think or worry about it. Sex is great, Sex is awesome and Sex can be so AMAZING with the right partner and at the right time of your life. But when you hit a slump or a slow pace it’s not the end of the world.

Who knows my dry spell can end soon or it may remain for as long as I want. It doesn’t matter though. I am still young at 42, happy, busy, healthy and living my life to the fullest. When it comes, it comes. Just like the rain ending a dry season or drought.

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Self worth, Self Love, Self Respect

It’s been a long time since I published my last Blog. So many things that kept me preoccupied. Family, work, business and relationships. It’s true that when you are so busy attending to so many things all at the same time, you forget to take care of yourself, do the things you always wanted to do or even the things that you are so passionate about. Blogging is my outlet for my stress, my piled up emotions and my way of connecting to people with the same sentiments that I have.

Well, here goes….

For 3 years and a half my life revolved with a man I thought I would end up growing old with. I focused on our long distance relationship, our small business, our children and each other. My world revolved around that small circle I created for us. I forgot about the things that I used to do, like blogging, going to the expensive nail salon, having massages, baking and hosting events. My life was for skyping, fb messengers, long distance calls, satellite calls, etc… When he is home we would be together for a maximum of 3 months. Then he goes back to the sea for work. I was able to adjust to that kind of life, I embraced it. I got used to it. It was not a relationship straight out of a Fairy tale book but I was happy and content. My mistake was I trusted too much and I was too complacent. Until the day, we parted ways. The relationship ended without a goodbye. Just like that for 3 years a half, it was all over. No explanations, no goodbyes, no nothing…
I was left devastated, lost and alone. I cried myself every single day not knowing what I should do or where I should start picking up the pieces. I was a broken person. I lost myself.

I knew deep down inside nobody in the universe can help me, but myself. I started reading quotes, books, talking to friends, relatives and even strangers to cope up with the pain and just to get it out of my system. I was my own therapist. It’s funny how we can get lost in the moment. We forget who we were before a relationship started. We give in too much of us to that person that we tend to forget our very own being.

Self worth, is giving importance to oneself before the other. I matter to ME… Not only to people who genuinely cares for me but to ME, primarily. I am important! I value myself.

Self Love, Learning to love myself more than any other person. I learned this the hard way. For me to be able to love others, I have to learn to love myself and to learn I am worthy of Love, undying, romantic kind of love. I don’t deserve less because I know my worth.

Self Respect, they say respect begets respect. I lost all respect for myself when I accepted all the lies and betrayal in my relationship. I forgave so many times, I have given so many chances. I forgot I don’t deserve all that crap. For me to accept those things is for me giving this person a chance to disrespect me. How can I gain and give respect if i don’t even respect myself.

I started rebuilding my life. I got sick and realized so many things. Because I was hungry for love and attention I gave away too much of myself. I trusted, I cared and I loved. In the process of trying to fixed what’s broken it shattered me completely. And I have to re learn everything.

Too much, too soon… But hey, Life goes on. I have to take better care of myself from now on. If not, who else will do this for me but myself. Love thyself more, Know your true value and worth, Respect thyself. These are the lessons I also want to impart to my kids and other people trying to cope with loss and pain.

It’s never too late to start all over again…

Blogging my way back….

It’s been several months since I last blogged. I was so busy and pre occupied with my new work and my personal life. I have so many things to share and I am so sorry to disappoint my followers for not sharing my adventures and experiences the past few months. Anyway, I’m back and will do my very best to stay for good. Today marks my Anniversary with my partner Paqs. So many challenges, questions and trials but the good thing is that we made it!!!! Life has truly been different since he came along. I am much happier, content, more prayerful and more confident with myself. He made me feel I am truly special and that I am not less of a person because of the many things I have been through in life. The scars are no longer important when you truly love a person most especially when you fully embraced the person’s whole being. There are no questions asked, no looking back. I guess I am just looking towards the future. A future with him and a life of bliss. I thank him for the unconditional love and patience. I never thought I would find someone who could love and accept the person that I am. So thank you very much!!! I promise to do my very best to be the supportive partner you want me to be. I LOVE YOU so much Babe!!!


What more can I ask for in life at this very moment??? Nothing…. Because I am content. I am in a place right now where I could just sit back and just taste happiness and peace. I pray for faith and trust so I could find my inner peace. I have also let go of the people who has always made me feel unwanted and very small. I had to because in order for me to move on I had to let go of the negativity surrounding me. I just want to be me. To be the person I want to be. I learn to love and respect myself even more and to love my children much much more.


There are still challenges along the way but I have more faith in myself and in God. I know with a positive outlook and with a happy heart I could face anything that comes along. This year was really a tough one but it moulded me and taught me to be a better and stronger person and to stay focused on the things I want to achieve. God is indeed good to those who are patient and persevering. We just have to learn to really never give up and hold on to that faith. The goodness of one’s heart radiates in the totality of a person.

Happy and positive thoughts all the way!!!!

of loving and believing….

My long distance relationship turns out to be full of unwanted surprises. At first it felt like it was full of deceit and lies but when I really tried to look beyond the reasons why He tried to hide some stuff from me it makes a whole lot of sense. It’s been almost 6 to 7 months of non stop communication. What’s hard is that you really wouldn’t know the real person unless you meet them personally and live with them.

I am still struggling to put my complete trust and confidence in him but I know that if it’s really God’s will for us to be together, God will find a way and He will make things right.

images (1)

I have fallen in love for so many times and I have been hurt in the process but the hopeless romantic in me never stopped me from believing that there could always be a happy ending. Life would be a boring process without love. Love for your family, children, friends and most especially Love for a special someone. I have always wanted to be with someone who will love me, accept me, respect me and my children and whom I could grow old with. I never wanted to find a rich partner, nor a handsome young man. Just someone I could share my hopes, my dreams, my failures and my happiness.

I found something in this man I am in a relationship right now. He may be a thousand miles away from me but the security, the feeling of peace and love whenever I chat with him is just so relaxing and serene. So many challenges has rocked the relationship that at one point I almost gave up and never wanted to see him in the flesh. I prayed so hard that I will be guided with my decisions and I will be enlightened. Every time our relationship is put to the test, He would always be there and fight for us. He never gave up even if I was the one who would always raise my hands and surrender. He never turned his back on me even if I had the shortcomings of a little girl. At the end of the day I came back to him. I was tested twice of his true intentions, of his true feelings for me. I never wanted to see him nor speak with him, I tried blocking all communications but still the emotions are far too strong to disregard. I gave him one last chance. One last…


My fault is that I have never been too trusting, always in doubt, always in question. My guard is always up. The fact that I don’t want to get hurt sometimes hurt me all the more. Of loving and believing the one that you really love, of letting go of all the negativity and doubts and just Loving, believing and trusting your Beloved. Love is a risk. I always said I don’t want to take anymore risks but right now I want to be happy and stay happy. I want to fall in love freely. I want to set my heart free and just be emotionally content. I want to trust more and love more.


So I am letting go of all the emotional burdens, heartaches and sad memories and just look forward to the man that he really is. The man who loves me and never gave up. The man who makes my mornings brighter, the man who looks beyond my persona. The man who inspire me to lose weight and look prettier. My, best friend, my lover, my partner, The man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Not that into you….

Well hello my dear followers!!!! I am so sorry for not being able to blog for almost 2 months. The past months was I should say the most crucial time in my career. I had to focus on my job, my health and my finances. Hmmm…. you might be wondering whatever happened to my long distance relationship. I am lost for words to describe what happened to him. He is still in the far away land of Sweden and I truly do not know if he is ever coming home. Sometimes, I just lost all hopes of ever seeing him in person. It’s been 5 months and a lot of my friends have been saying that I should be going out with real people, real men in the flesh. And so I did. I entertained a few men lately, went out on dates. Mostly for coffee, dinner, short talks and until recently I met a guy named Eric. I met him through a dating site and he lives near my place. He is a banker by profession. Initially, there was so much connection. We were of the same age, we share the same music, same sentiments about online dating. We were on the same genre. We chatted a few hours until he decided to call me on my mobile phone. We talked for 3 hours straight. It was like talking to a long-lost friend. I never felt anything romantic, just a connection to someone who listens, laughs and just the comfort of having someone there for me. The following day, we were texting, and him calling me during his breaks. I had a feeling that he might be feeling the same way. We found comfort in each other as friends. We decided to meet for drinks. I was nervous, skeptic. Though I saw his pictures not really bad-looking, not too handsome but fair and presentable. He went to my house with my directions and he even had a peek of my kids and he even said hello to them. He was very nice. A gentleman all the way. We spent the next 3 to 4 hours talking about our respective personal lives. Our past relationships, our music, our likes and dislikes. There was no hint that it was the last time we will ever see, talk or even text each other.


The night ended him bringing me back home. I vividly remember what I said to him “Thank you, you are very nice, you’re a real gentleman.” And he answered back, Thank you, we’ll do this again. I said, Really? and he said Yes! I’ll text you when I get home and I said be careful and drive carefully. Don’t fall asleep because you’re still driving. He smiled. There was no good night kiss not even a peck on the cheek. He did not even held my hand even while we were still having drinks. He waited until the gate was opened for me. The last thing I heard him say was “Thank You”

I waited until he got home, but I never got a text from him, I fell asleep and in the morning I woke up and checked my mobile. No message from Eric. I texted him because I got worried, maybe something happened. He never replied. I got a message from him through the site and said Sorry, I left my mobile at home because I was in a hurry and the day was so toxic. Although I did texted him and said if he could just tell me what went wrong. Did I say or do something which may have offended him. Was I too ugly for him? Was I too comfortable when I was with him that I would just laugh at anything he would say and would joke around. What?!? What did I do? I just wish he has man enough to say that I can’t see you again because I don’t want to. Instead he left me hanging.


I am an avid fan of Sex and the City and in one of the episodes wherein the character Miranda dated a guy once but the guy never called her again. She asked for the opinion of Carrie’s boyfriend and said when a man doesn’t call you after a first date “He’s not that into you!” He is not interested at all. I am just a bit disappointed because all along I thought we were friends. There was nothing romantic, we were fooling around, laughing at each other’s antics. We saw each other because we wanted to get to know each other more. I feel hurt, YES, because now I keep asking myself what did I do? and worst, I got rejected by someone I did not have romantic feelings.

It is quite unfair when you feel you’re being judged by someone who is not so perfect. An imperfect person has no right to judge nor find faults on someone who has been so accommodating, friendly, and accepting.
Now I wonder, was it a trophy for him to leave someone hanging? I do admit, I am not the super model type of woman, nor have I hidden the fact that I am a single mother of 3 teenage kids, I don’t know with him what dirty little lies he has kept under his sleeves. Did he ever question himself if I ever liked him at all?


Well, lesson learned. You can’t please everybody. You try to be nice, you enjoy the moment, you let someone inside your crazy little life and you get nothing but disappointment and rejection.

I am ok…. My friends laugh about it. Maybe he can’t handle the fact that I was too strong-willed, independent and happy as a single mother. Or maybe, just maybe I was too perfect for him and he can’t handle it.

An imperfect world with so many imperfect people around. Who needs them? When you can be perfect in the eyes of people who truly appreciates, love and care for you. My guess is that He is not really into me but who cares? I don’t.


Have you ever fallen in love so deeply and passionately? Well, I did! Yeah, the moment I learned Home Economics at school I knew I was madly in love with COOKING!!!!!

This is an actual picture of my Pancit Canton and Carbonara
my spread2

It was not a boy that I first fell in love with but with Cooking. Well, at first I had a fling with Baking. I first tried my hand in Baking Cakes and Cookies. I was so hooked with my Mother’s oven at the age of 12. Whatever I learn from school I would try it at home. From Chiffon cake, Chocolate cake, Banana Nut Cake, Banana Carrot cake, Crema de Fruta, Pineapple upside down cake, Butter Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies and so on. My official tasters was my brother and my Dad. So hooked that my Dad would buy me ingredients on a weekly basis. I would spend so much time during weekends at my Mom’s kitchen. Mom saw the potential that she was planning to open up a small bakery for me. But as I’ve said, it was just a fling. I then moved on to the real deal. Cooking delectable dishes. My Dad was a natural cook. He is Chinese, so most of the dishes that he has passed on to me was Asian cuisine. I loved it! He taught me well and he passed down all the dishes he knew to me. Dad taught me Chinese Adobo which has a darker and richer sauce. My first lessons in the kitchen started with my nanny Edith. she was really a good cook that I couldn’t forget her Chicken Adobo (chicken with lots of garlic, pepper, soy sauce, laurel leaf, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper). Her rice cakes and cassava cake. Edith taught me the basics of cooking. I am thankful for her.

Mom said I have a talent for copying the same exact dish even without a book or list of ingredients just by tasting it, I would know. Which was true. I love to experiment with flavors. I watch cooking shows to give me ideas on better mixing of spices and herbs. But all in all, my recipes are basically unique. It’s simply a trademark I have earned through the years of cooking for friends and family.

My Lumpia Shanghai, Tacos, Fried Chicken and Pasta
My Spread

Cooking for me is one of my greatest passions in life. Apart from Hosting events and Blogging. Cooking gives me the rush I need whenever I am feeling all the pains and problems of life. For me, it is not true that you must not cook whenever you feel pain or troubled because it would show on the taste and presentation of your food. For me, whenever I cook, I give my best. My very best. I think of the people who will partake of the dish. I want them to feel special, loved and satisfied. When I am in the kitchen, I feel like an artist. Creating art and flavor. I don’t feel tired even if I was cooking for 400 to 500 people, which I did when I tried the catering business. It was financially fulfilling and at the same time I was able to execute my passion.

Grilled Pork, Macaroni Salad, Nachos and Bicol Express
my spread3

I wish I could put up a restaurant business someday. I want to be able to showcase my creativity and talent. I have received numerous comments about my dishes. For me it is personal. I take it seriously whenever I cook it has to be perfection or at least put a smile on the face of my crowd. My greatest fan was my Dad. Whenever I learn something new or would want to try out a new recipe he would officially be the judge. He was my critic but it was all praises from him. Not because he was my dad but because he knew I got it from him. Dad knew I put my heart and soul in every dish I make. The enthusiasm of holding a Wok, slicing vegetables, sauteing garlic and onions. The adrenalin rush of meeting a delivery deadline. I would feel so tired but there’s no stopping. The kitchen is my kingdom. I am the queen there. It is so overwhelming most especially if the dish I am preparing is the most awaited meal by my family.

Cooking is such a pleasure for me. It releases my stress, allows me to forget my problems and sometimes it helps to score with men. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I get Wows! from the men I date whenever they find out I am a good cook. It helps though because they know that you know your way around the kitchen. they won’t get hungry or rely on Delivery take out services. I haven’t really cooked for my new partner yet. I am thrilled to be cooking for him for the first time when he arrives from Sweden this May. Well, I am confident that he would love my cooking and my dishes. Ha Ha Ha!

Chicken Curry, Pork Stew, Fried Chicken and Lumpiang Hubad
my spread4

My first true love is Cooking! I got hurt from all the frying, I cried from slicing onions, made me happy whenever I get good reviews. Satisfied me whenever I earn money from my catering jobs. At the end of the day, I am a fulfilled cook. I want to learn more, get as much experience as I can and hone my cooking skills further. Ah, The joys of Cooking. I will never get bored of this.

Sexy Time

It’s Valentine’s Day and maybe I was bitten by the love bug. (Just a little) Well, he is miles away from me but that wouldn’t keep me and Mr Boxer (his secret name) from keeping the flames burning. This is a lesson I have learned through the years of good and bad relationships. When we go into a relationship at the start we always put our best foot forward. We dress to impress, we say sweet nothings, we give grand gifts and we spend time with our partners like there’s no tomorrow but as years gone by we tend to fall in the simple routine of being in a relationship. We become so relax and complacent that things are smooth sailing. We tend to forget the special things we used to do for them Sometimes there is this thinking that we have been together for a long time, I married her/him so that’s it. It’s the grandest gesture. Then the problem arises. Or shall I say boredom strikes! Humans especially those in a relationship long for intimacy and passion. When we allow ourselves to fall into the routine, we tend to get bored, restless and dull. Sometimes our eyes wander. The longing for excitement, thrill and adventure takes over.

images (1)

How do we really keep the fire burning in our relationships. SIMPLE! by not being stagnant. Not allowing ourselves to fall in the routine of being so comfortable with how things are doing. We have to make it a habit to try something new. To explore different things together. It is not a hard thing to do if you really love the person and you want to make him/her feel very special. Sexy Time as some of my close friends would call it is a special time we share with our mates. It is not simply just SEX. It doesn’t happen in the bedroom all the time. It doesn’t require naked bodies or a hotel room. Sexy Time is a moment where you make your mate extra important and special. A simple sexy look, a bite in the lip, a soft caress, a kiss on the neck, running your fingers through his/ her hair. Candles all over the house with a bottle of red wine. A stimulating conversation. A view of the full moon while having an intimate dinner. A walk on the beach holding hands with a view of a gorgeous sunset. Everything else follows. Of course SEX is important. Who wouldn’t want to do it with the one you love? But we just need to spiced it up a little bit.


There are so many ways to make your Sexy time even sexier. As I’ve said, your sexy time doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of SEX. Our Sexy Time may differ from one person to another but definitely our goal is to make it truly a memorable time and a night or day to remember.

When I say let’s make everyday Valentine’s Day. That really sounded so cliché. We don’t need Valentine’s to remind us that we have to show our love or to honor our loved ones. Yes, it’s a day where we celebrate LOVE but if you truly are in love with someone, We show our love, gratitude and appreciation for the one person that truly makes us happy and makes us want to live and dream and breathe every single day of our lives.


Love is so amazing, It can change your life, it can make you cry but Love is just a wonderful feeling especially when shared with not only one person but with the rest of the world.


Just spread LOVE everyday and life would be so much happier and light.