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How can someone judge you when they don’t even know you personally? A person that you’ve just met can assume so many things about you.

I had this really awful experience of a man I’ve known through a friend. Though we were introduced briefly and chatted a few times, I am not certain how he can be the perfect judge of character. I was just so pissed off to read some of his commentaries about me. I never ever criticize nor question his actions when he initiated a chat with me a few months ago. Knowing that his girlfriend is a very close friend of mine. It’s funny how¬† some men will try to impress their girlfriends by attacking another woman whom they think is an enemy of their partner. I remained calm because I know for a fact I have not done anything to piss him off. I mean I really don’t care.

We are simply human. Nobody’s perfect in this world. Yes, we criticize people we have opinions about others but to judge a person according to some hearsay or you just felt to say something nasty about the person. Well, it shows the type of upbringing you had in your younger years. Here is what I can say, I don’t give a damn about your views and opinions. Fix yourself first, Love your girlfriend, Be sincere and I mean be sincerely sincere.