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Gay and Proud

I realized recently that I have become a gay magnet. Meaning, I have attracted so many gay people to become my friends which I love and adore. This blog is about my gay friends and all the gay people out there.

When I was still in high school I remember being so comfortable with my gay friends. I laughed with them, share jokes and stories. I eat with them and I share secrets with them. Never a dull moment. Lately, I realized that most of my gay friends are really special to me or have become part of my life and family. They make me laugh, they listen to what I have to say, they respect what I want in life and they never judge the kind of person I am. They would help me whenever I need a friend the most. I am so amazed how they can openly express their feelings about life, love, beauty and sex. No boundaries with regards to their ideas and opinions. You can easily open up to them. The gay world for me is full of zest and vibrancy. So much optimism but can be negative depending on how other people perceive them. Once they become your friends, they will stick with you and fight for you no matter what.

Some of them are basically misunderstood. Some may think they are too loud or too outrageous or even wild. This is just them being open and honest and enjoying their lives to the fullest. No pretensions which for me is very important. There is no need to hide because they accept you for whomever or whatever you are. I sometimes feel bad whenever they are judged, discriminated or questioned. When others do not understand their way of thinking. Gay people are human beings with genuine feelings. In my own opinion there is really no need to tag them as the third sex because as I’ve said they are human beings and should be treated as equals and as normal as possible.

I was once asked by a friend if one day I found out that one of my kids is gay. I thought to myself, well, being gay is not a crime, as long as they do not hurt or humiliate anyone. They don’t step on others or walk all over people, I’m fine if they turned out gay. Sometimes, I wish that other people would not judge by the way we live our lives or how we decide to live our lives. People should respect and look at the achievements and contributions of a human being to the society. It is how we have helped shaped the future of our world and not how we look like in the outside or whether we are black, white, straight or gay.

Some may think that I have become a gay supporter. But really, some of them are really good friends of mine and are really good and fabulous people. Nobody has the right to put anyone down or degrade an individuality. Each one is unique. So to all my Gay friends and all gay people out there “BE GAY and BE PROUD!!!!”