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What Motivates Me….

A lot has been said about what motivates a person. Each of us has his/her own motivation in life. Mine is as clear as daylight. What motivates me is my CHILDREN…. always and forever!

For some, Money is a motivator. Family, God, Fame, Promotion, Love, Excellence and so on are big motivators in life. But do we really seek our inner thoughts and inner being? What really motivates us? What drives us to reach something? Why do we need to motivate ourselves?


Recently, due to the sudden turn of events, It made me think more seriously and deeply. I had to re motivate myself, made a list and asked myself what I should do to inspire the inner me to move forward and reach my goals in life. The first question that popped in my mind is What do I really need to achieve? Followed by, Why do I want to achieve it? How will I achieve it? I want to do good first and foremost with my work and career. In the next seven months, I aim to give an extraordinary performance. How will I achieve this? I have always known myself by working quietly and with no distractions around. I want to focus mainly on my tasks and getting a very positive result. I said to myself the other day that I will never engage in things that will hinder me from doing my best. Meaning, I will avoid people, things and situations that will cause me to lose focus. I have to keep my eye on the Gold. I am doing this not just for myself but for the people I owe so much. I am tired of fighting and saying my piece. I just want to keep quiet, and keep my act together.


So What do I want to achieve after seven months? Simple, I want to get what I deserve. Eight years of hard work, loyalty and patience is tough. Why do I want to achieve it? I have worked so hard to come this far and it’s fair that I get it. How? By working very hard in the next seven months or so….

I will stay focus, show a different side of me. People may wonder what’s this new side of me and some may get worried but I don’t care as long as I’m doing my job and I’m not doing anything wrong I will be perfectly fine.


Motivation must come from within. People may influence motivation but I am lucky that I learned it from myself alone. Lessons learned the hard way, but I am glad it did not change the real person in me. I stand up for what I believed in and say the things I strongly disagree with. I know when it’s wrong and I know when it’s right. I am still the same person but with a very different attitude this time.

Nobody will help you, unless you help yourself. Trust only yourself and only yourself and Make things happen!

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Unsolicited Advice, anyone?

We sometimes give advice to people whom we think needs help and a push but based from my experience It’s offending to receive unsolicited advice most especially to those who are not asking for it. We do not know what these people have gone through in life, what their challenges and fears, their successes and failures, their hardships and goals. Giving out a piece of advice not asked nor requested is not a good thing. Don’t act as if you know how to tackle life and others don’t. Challenges, trials are all part of life. We want everything to be as normal and simple. There comes a moment in one’s life that you sometimes feel incapable and demotivated. Let this be. You will never know the cause of one’s emotions and by just pouring out a piece of your mind on the situation may aggravate one’s feelings, making a person more severely incapable. I give out advice on my blog site but to people in general and not to make people less of a person and to boost morale.


THINK before you speak your mind out….. Assess the person before you give out unsolicited advice because you might be surprised that the person in front of you came from battles you have never imagined. Let people feel what they want to feel, Let them learn from their mistakes, Let them wallow in their sadness. Wait if they ask for your advice and you may freely give them what they need. We may still have a lot to learn in life before we can be a pro in all aspects of our daily lives.


Optimism is ME! In all my 37 years I have been through so many battles and I am proud to say that I am still standing tall. I have greatly learned from my mistakes and I am still a work in progress. I truly ask for motivation and guidance from the people I truly respect and love. The people whom I am very close to. The people who proved to me and the society that they have what it takes to face any difficulties in life. I am open to feedback and suggestions. But please do not tell me what to do and how to do things. I do not take advice or crap from people who doesn’t know half of what I’ve been through. I eat and breathe challenges and trials. I take everything in stride. I have my ways in coping and the people close to me know who I really am. If you have something to say and you know It’s not being asked from you, Keep it to yourself. Sometimes Less talk, fewer mistakes…..

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Leaders are Learners

This is a post related to my other one Why People Quit People. I would like to focus on leadership skills these past few weeks and share what I have I learned from my readings and my experiences from my previous leaders.

The title of this post is Leaders are Learners which for me is very very important. Leaders, should always have a thirst for knowledge. A leader should constantly sharpen the mind and the soul. It does not stop when he/she gets promoted to the position. Learning is not only gained from reading books, attending training’s and seminars. It is also helpful to have a wise and spirited mentor. We learn from our own experiences in life. We listen what others can say and contribute. Leaders are not afraid to be overshadowed by others. Leaders are supposed to be good listeners, they know how to listen, understand and acknowledge others. Nobody succeeds alone from the book “What Makes a Leader” Yes, a team will never reach their goals if it is not a collective team effort from its team members and the Leader. A leader will never succeed if he/she has closed their ears to opinions and suggestions of others. A good leader see potential in others and will never be afraid to hone the skills of others and become a mentor. He/she will never be afraid to share the best practices learned from experience.


Leadership is a learning process. Nobody was born to be a perfect leader. What is important is to keep an open mind, to always have a drive to do better, to listen to what others have to say. Leadership is not being the boss of your company. It is leading people to achieve their full potential. To motivate people to success. It is inspiring people to do good and produce results. It is not embarrassing people pushing them to do what is not right. Leaders are not supposed to cheat to be on top, because with this practice you teach your subordinates to do the wrong things and produces bad leaders. Leaders do the right things!


Leaders are Learners, they know when to listen, they know they need to learn more. They know they need to develop themselves to be able to become effective and successful leaders.
If you are a Leader and you are reading this blog. STOP! and learn. Ask yourself, What you are doing wrong? Do you have enough knowledge and skills to handle a team? Do you need to learn more? Accept it, do not be afraid to accept the fact that you are a learning individual. You are not perfect. Therefore, there is a big room for change and development. Listen and learn my dear leaders….

“If you stop learning today, You stop leading tomorrow” Howard Hendricks

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Why People quit People?…

When do you finally say I GIVE UP!!!! We come to a point in our lives when we feel like giving up on our careers. There are certain factors that makes us want to quit. One, the pay is not good. Two, the company is unstable, Three, benefits sucks! Four, Better offer from a better company. But, what keeps us from staying and not leaving the company we have loved for the longest time??? Simple, it’s the people around us. The management team, the team itself, and the friends we have made along the way. BUT!!!! What if these same people are the cause of wanting to just leave and quit altogether? You see, when managers do not know how to handle or lead their people chances are their subordinates loses focus, gets demoralized and demotivated. Leaders are supposed to inspire, lead and push their subordinates to the best of their abilities and not only see the faults. I have read in my favorite book The One Minute Manager, that you give One Minute Reprimand and One Minute Praising. Of course you have to set One Minute Goals for the subordinates to know what needs to be done and needs to be achieved. Otherwise, giving reprimands and just focusing on faults will just make the individual feel less and less incapable of doing their tasks. A leader should learn to support his/her team. Make him/her feel that there is always room for improvements and the leader should be there to support the individual in every step of the way in achieving goals.


We quit because we don’t get the support we need. We quit because we feel too much pressure to do good in a small amount of time. We quit because our voices can’t be heard. We quit because of too much pressure. We quit because we are no longer happy.

Work should be a balance of professionalism and fun. Growth is not only for leaders but it should also be for everyone who serves the company. For without the small individuals working so hard, the company will not succeed. Playing fair, knowing your boundaries, and focusing on the individual’s growth and performance will not only reflect on the leader’s performance but the company itself. So for leaders out there, Ask yourself why one of your employees resigned or left your team? Is it the company? Is it his/her performance? Or is it your performance as a leader? Was it really bad management? Pressure is not good. It is not healthy. People quit people because of bad management and poor leadership and people skills.

quit (1)

I have been with my company for almost 8 years and I have served several leaders. I have adapted to change and pressure. Change is good, we have to be adaptable to change. It is part of our growth.

I want to grow more and succeed but what if I am not happy. What if i feel pressured and I feel I have not done the right things? What if I was just given so little time to adjust? Said to myself, I can’t quit. I am not a quitter. I have always been a fighter and a survivor.

I can do this. But if not, should I just quit because People quit People?….